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The Founder

The Costa-Creta Law Firm continues the proud tradition of service of the Firm’s founder Pier Luigi Costa (23 August, 1950 – 13 July 2012) who established the Firm in the late ‘70s

Pier Luigi Costa commenced his professional career shortly after graduating in Law at the University of Bologna, setting up his firm in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, 1 in Bologna and working firstly alone and then in partnership. His practice specialized in the civil sector, predominantly industrial and intellectual property, an area in which he worked with leading patent consulting firms, defending major clients both in Italian courts as well as in conjunction with foreign colleagues, before German, French, English, Dutch, Spanish, Greek and Turkish courts.

Having gained extensive experience and won a variety of accolades for his professional expertise, Pier Luigi Costa went on to teach for a number of years. In particular, in 2004 he joined the teaching body of the Master in Industrial and Intellectual Property Law, organized by Just Legal Services of Milan on the subject “The Inventive Step: prior art and prior disclosure, the so called priority rights” and “Patent Law: design rights. Entities that do not fall within the scope of protectable invention. Pharmaceutical inventions and supplementary certificates.” For over ten years, he held regular courses on copyright for professional journalists at training sessions organized by the Association of Journalists of Emilia and Romagna.

Pier Luigi Costa, widely recognized both as an authority in his chosen area of specialization as well as being a renowned presence in Italian courts, also participated in conferences and debates on industrial property.

He authored and co-authored, among other works, the following, widely read legal texts:

F.Leonelli – P.Pederzini – P.L.Costa e S.Corona, Commentario alla legge sui marchi d’impresa, I e II ed. 1993/1995, Il Sole 24 Ore, Pirola S.p.A.

Brevetti, Marchio, Ditta, Insegna, a cura di Vincenzo Franceschelli, in Giurisprudenza sistematica di Diritto Civile e Commerciale, voci Ditta e Insegna e Insegna e altri segni distintivi, Milano, 2003

Codice Ipertestuale della Responsabilità Civile, voce Antitrust e Concorrenza, Milano, 2008.

The Costa-Creta Firm aims to continue practicing law in accordance with the style and principles of its founder.